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Established in 1946, Karimganj College is one of the pioneering Colleges of Assam, imparting education in Science, Arts & Commerce. Situated on the bank of Kushiara river demarcating Indo- Bangladesh Border, the College is playing a significant role for last six decades in the field of Higher Education of the region. Today, it is one of the leading colleges under Assam University. The college has been reaccredited with 'B' grade with CGPA 2.78 in 4.0 point scale by NAAC in the year 2010. More..


Routine for TDC Even Semester Practical Examination 2020 Grouping for TDC Practical Examination, 2020
Questions link for 6th Semester(Non-CBCS) CLP Examination(Online Mode) for the session 2019-20
Registration Card Collection notification for H.S 2nd year students Notification regarding MIL for B.Com 3rd Sem(CBCS)
Notification for minority community Girls' scholarship Notification for combined merit degree scholarship
CLP Examination notification for TDC(science/arts/commerce) 6th Sem. (Non-CBCS session 2019-2020)
Notification for submission of original answer scripts for the students who appeared in the TDC 6th Sem(Online Mode) examination 2020. Click Here
Notification for Higher Secondary Examination 2021 Assam University Registration Date Extension Click Here
Notification regarding Chief Ministers' Special Scholarship Examination 2014  
Scholarships for SC students of Assam::2020-21 List of TDC 1st Sem(Session 2020-21) students who have not yet done their Assam University Registration Click Here
List of students who have not yet paid Registration Fees  
Revised Routine for TDC 6th Sem(Non-CBCS) Notice for students who appear online examination
Student List of TDC 1st Sem(Session 2020-21) whose documents are incomplete Click Here
Download ADMIT CARD for TDC 6th Sem. (Non-CBCS) Notice for Admit Card Problem(TDC 6th Sem
Notice for joining in whatsapp group who opted for Online examination(6th Sem.) Click Here  
Added List of Students Name who opted for Online Exam(6th Sem.)  
Extented List of Students Name who opted for Online Exam(6th Sem) Assam University Registration date Extension Notice
Students Name who opted for Online Exam 2020(TDC 6th Sem) TDC 6th Sem.(Non-CBCS) Exam 2020 Routine and Instructions
Notice for H.S 1st year and 2nd year classes
Instruction for TDC 6th Sem(Non-CBCS) online Examination Examination Enrollment Date Extension for TDC(CBCS) Course
Notice for Subject Change TDC 1st Sem(Arts) Morning Shift Notice for Resgistration of TDC 1st Sem
Notice for 3rd and 5th Sem for the session 2020-21   
Notice for B.COM 5th Sem regarding subject choice Click Here Important Notice for AECC-2
Important Notice for 3rd and 5th Sem student Important Notice regarding Admission
Admission Notice with dress code instruction for TDC 1st  sem Arts(Morning Shift) for the session 2020-21----> Click Here Important Instructions for newly admitted TDC 1st Sem students Click Here
Notice for admission in TDC 3rd and 5th Sem(CBCS) for the session 2020-21 Online Admission Portal
Notice for Examination enrollment date extension of TDC(CBCS) Even Sem. Click Here
Admission Notice(25% Enhanced Seats) for 1st Sem TDC(CBCS)for the session 2020-21   Click Here
Notice for admission in H.S 2nd Year Online Admission
Registration Notice for TDC 1st Sem students
Notification regarding Registration of H.S and Unique ID(Session 2019-20) Click here H.S 1st Year Registration Nos.(Session 2019-20) Click Here
Merit List for TDC(CBCS) 1st Sem.(2020-2021)
Science List VII Extended
Science List VII

Science List VI
Science Reserved List II
Science List V
Science Reserved List
Science Merit List IV
Science Merit List III
Science Merit List II
Science Merit List
Arts List III(Morning Shift)

Arts List II(Morning Shift)
Arts List I(Morning Shift)

Arts List IX
Arts List VIII(Gen/Res)
Arts List VII(Gen/Res))
Arts List VI(Gen/Res)
Arts List V
Arts list(Gen/Res)

Arts Reserved List II
Arts Reserved List I
Arts Merit List IV
Arts Merit List III
Arts Merit List II                
Arts Merit List I

Commerce List V

Commerce List IV
Commerce List III(Merit/Reserved)
CommerceMerit List II
Commerce Merit List I
Assam University Notice for Re-Check(Scrutiny)/Re-evaluation Instruction for submission of assignment/questions/MCQ/projects
Assam University Examination Enrollment / Form Fill up Notification Examination notice for 2nd and 4th Sem(CBCS) Assignment/Questions/MCQ/
AECC questions

Click here
Applicants are advised to read Admission Notice for TDC 1st Sem.(CBCS) for the session 2020-21 compulsorily before filling up the online application form.
Admission Notice for TDC 1st Sem.(CBCS)--session 2020-21  
Directorate of Higher Education(DHE) Notice for Unique ID generation                                    
Click here to Generate Unique ID Notice for Attendance and Internal Assessment of TDC 2nd and 4th Sem
Merit List of H.S 1st Year Arts 

2nd Merit List H.S 1st Year Arts 
Merit List of H.S 1st Year Science Merit List of H.S 1st Year Commerce
General Instruction for Admission(Session 2020-21) NCC Enrollment Notice
Prospectus 2020-21
Infromation for all the students of H.S and TDC regarding Unique ID and Bank A/c
Download Boys'/Girls' Hostel admission form
Notice regarding new CLP syllabus Download
Introduction of New Advanced CLP Syllabus from the session 2019-2020 for TDC (Arts/Science/Commerce) Download