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DST sponsored seven day National Workshop on Exposure to Scientific Software and Tools for Research in Physical Sciences to be held during July 25-31, 2016 New

Admission for the Session 2016-2017

Eligible List to sit the Entrance Test for English Honours New

Prospectus for HS 1st yr (Science/Arts/Commerce)/TDC
(Science/Arts/Commerce/BCA) 1st Semester 2016-2017 New

Merit List for HS (Sc) Admission 2016-17 New

Merit List for HS (Arts) Admission 2016-17


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Student Support

Karimganj College Students Union (KCSU):

The Union activities are divided into indoor and out-door sports, cultural activities, meeting and debates social service etc. Membership to the Union is compulsory. Principal is the Ex-officio President of the Union. Other office bearers and Class Representatives are elected annually from amongst the student who act under supervision of professors-in-charge of different sections. Students Union election is conducted as per the constitation of Karimganj College students’ union adopted after DHE’s guideline No. PC/HE/ CC, 13/2006/16 dt. 18-09-2006 based on the direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Names of Union Members for the session 2015-16 are as under :
1) Dr. Ramanuj Chakravorty, Principal i/c (President)
2) Sohan Biswas (Vice President)
3) Rajmadhab Dutta (General Secretary)
4) Digbijoy Dhar (Secretary, Meeting & Debates)
5) Arjun Kumar Nath (Editor, College Magazine)
6) Bijoy Kumar Das (Secretary, Sports, Games & Athletics)
7) Joydeep Nath (Secretary, Drama and Music)
8) Rafique Ahmed Choudhury (Secretary, Social Service)
9) Shakir Ahmed (Secretary, Boy’s Common Room)
10) Chandrika Dutta (Secretary, Girl’s Common Room)
11) Rajdeep Chakraborty (Asstt. Sec., Sports, Games & Athletics)
12) Arpan Dey (Sub Editor, College Magazine)
13) Biraj Nath (Asstt. Sec., Social Service)
14) Subhrajit Dey ( Asstt. Sec., Boy’s Common Room)
15) Payel Das (Asstt. Sec., Drama and Music)

Students' Travelling Concession:

Travelling concession is available (by rail) when a group of students join an excursion team under the leadership of a teacher. Individual student can avail of travelling concession by rail for going home and coming back to the Institution during vacation. Air concession is also allowed only for travel from the Institution to Home Town as per rule of the IAC.