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Karimganj College

ESTD - 1946


Aims & Objectives :- The purpose of the Association shall be –

A.         i)      To promote the cause of all round development of Karimganj College the Ala                               Mater of the members of the association.
            ii)     To act as a bridge between Karimganj College and its former students.
            iii)    To arrange gathering of former students, preferable at the time of annual                                    festival of the college.
            iv)    To extend career counseling to the students of the college.
            v)     To keep contact with the former students of the College as far as possible and to               maintain records of their addresses.

B.    The society shall attempt to achieve the above objectives by :

            a)     Securing co-operation from persons and organizations within and outside the                 country.  
            b)     Organizing cultural activities, seminars, debates etc;
            c)     Publishing souvenirs etc.
            d)     awarding medals/prizes etc. to the students of Karimganj for their academic                    excellences. 
            e)     taking such other steps and measures as may be necessary for the fulfillment of the same and objectives of the association.

4.    Membership and subscription :-

       Eligibility :-

i) Member of the association shall be open to all former students of Karimganj College on payment of registration fee of Rs. 10/- (Ten) only.
ii)  It shall be obligatory for all members to pay an annual subscription of Rs. 100/- (One Hundred) only.
iii) The annual subscription shall be due on the 1st day of April each year. However a three months grace period will be allowed for the payment of annual subscription for retention of voting right.

Executive Committee of Karimganj College Alumni Association

  1. Principal, Karimganj College
  2. Hon’ble M.P., Karimganj
  3. Hon’ble M.L.A., North Karimganj
  4. Hon’ble M.L.A., Patherkandi
  5. Hon’ble M.L.A., Ratabari


  1. Dr. Nibaran Das


  1. Santosh Kumar Jain
  2. Subir Roy Choudhury
  3. Rajat Chakraborty

General Secretary:

  1. Dr. Sabyasachi Roy

Joint Secretary:

  1. Sri Subharaj Das
  2. Dr. Rajib Das


  1. Sri Kaushik Ranjan Dey


  1. Dr. Sudhangshu Sekhar Dutta
  2. Dr. Shantanu Dutta
  3. Sri Sohan Biswas
  4. Sri Rahul Chakraborty
  5. Sri Bajlur Rahman
  6. Sri Satu Roy
  7. Sri Biman Bihari Sinha
  8. Sri Prasanta Choudhury
  9. Sri Bishwanath Majumder
  10. Sri Nepal Dhar
  11. Smt. Meenakshi Das
  12. Sri Mrinal Kanti Dutta
  13. Sri Sahabuddin Ahmed
  14. Smt. Paromita Bhattacharya
  15. Dr. Malabika Bhattacharya
  16. Sri Jogabrata Roy
  17. Dr. Samiran Debnath
  18. Dr. Sanjendu Nath
  19. Sri Subrata Deb
  20. Dr. Ramanuj Chakravorty
  21. Sri Arnab Chakraborty
  22. Sri Nayanendu Dass
  23. Co-ordinator, IQAC

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Dr. Sabyasachi Roy
General Secretary
Karimganj College Alumni Association
Email: alumnikarimganjcollege@gmail.com, sroy.phys@gmail.com
Mob: +91-9435987461 (Whatsapp)

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